Toyota Good for Footy Raffle


Hi Sharks Community,

We have received 24 books of tickets for the Toyota Good for Footy raffle. Each book has 10 tickets for $5 a ticket. Each team will be given 1 book.

The club retains all monies from the sale of the tickets. This is the first year we’ve participated so we didn’t want to go overboard.

Proceeds from the raffle will be put towards giving back to the kids in either new equipment or uniforms/merchandise

As this Sunday is the last game before the holidays I will endeavour to get the books to as many teams as possible. books will be given to your team managers.
If I don’t then it’ll be by first game back on 15th July. All tickets must be sold by 1/8/18 so I can get all monies and ticket stubs returned to Toyota by 8/8.

It’s only 10 tickets per team so I’m hoping you can help by getting behind it.

Thanks in advance of your support.

Nina Foxwell

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